Titans Season 2 Blackfire Actress May Have Been Revealed

Titans has separated itself as the flagship series from the DC Universe streaming service. The premiere of the second season is just a week away, and more cast details are dropping with every day that passes. Canadian actress Oluniké Adeliyi shared a poster for the second season on her personal Instagram account with an encouraging message for fans of the show.

Adeliyi says she's "blessed and honored" to be a part of the show and can't wait for people to see it. Now, we don't have confirmation on what character she will be playing yet, but there is rampant speculation that she will be playing the part of Komand'r or Blackfire. Starfire's sister is someone that fans have been speculating would be coming to the show since the first season.

Fans might remember the character from her appearances in the 2003 animated Teen Titans TV show or more recently in Teen Titans Go! Titans is not known for the same sort of colorful or comedic aesthetic of those two shows, but there are still some depths to be explored between Princess Koriand'r and her family. Seeing as how Raven's parentage and family issues were a huge part of Season 1.

The cast around Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy looks to keep growing this season with the addition of a bunch of other DC regulars. New episodes will introduce Aqualad, Superboy, Krypto, Ravager, Jericho, Bruce Wayne, Deathstroke, and more to the series. The creative team isn't forgetting about the characters they've already established like Donna Troy and Jason Todd. Those two will be coming into more focus as the series progresses as well.

Comicbook.com caught up with Titans showrunner Greg Walker to ask for some insight into how Warner Bros. allows the creative team to feature certain characters. He also talked about if any of the people mentioned, but not shown, in Season 1 would be popping up in the near future.

"You know what's funny about this, is a lot of times we have to go and throw out ideas and names to our partners at DC and Warner Bros. to see who is clear and sometimes, you never realize that there may be a movie coming out three years from now that has a character," Walker explained. "So we have Brian Miller in the room, we have some really glorified comic personalities in there.

"They'll throw out names and we'll come up with a storyline, before we go too deep we have to call our partners at DC and they'll be like 'Ah no, that's taken,' or 'No, no one thought about that,' and Geoff Johns is a genius at that. I'll leave it open that anything's possible providing that we can make it through the DC, Warner Bros. matrix to get characters," he continued.


Titans will continue to tell these young heroes stories throughout the DC Universe. The company is very transparent with the creative team about what is in-bounds and what is off-limits. Bruce Wayne being able to appear is a nice moment for fans who probably didn't expect to see the character represented on the small screen so soon after Gotham. More surprises await next week.

New episodes of Titans air every Friday on DC Universe.