Titans Season 3 Teaser May Give Our First Look At The Joker

Titans Season 3's official teaser is now out, and it may give us our first real look at The Joker. [...]

Titans Season 3's official teaser is now out, and it may give us our first real look at The Joker. Not only does the Titans Season 3 footage gives a nice tease of Joker in the show, but the tease also comes in the form of one of the more iconic images of The Joker in Batman comics. If you like around the 29 seconds mark in the Titan season 3 teaser (as Brenton Thwaites' Nightwing describes Gotham's 'special class of criminals') you'll see a figure in a purple suit doing damage with what looks to be a crowbar. So is this Joker? Let's look deeper at the footage:

The Titans season 3 teaser opens with Jason Todd/Robin (Curran Walters) investigating some kind of criminal activity at an old amusement park. Hard not to assume he's there on a Joker hunt. The opening scene ends with Robin being spooked by the grinning corpse of the park's security guard and backing up into what looks like a trap about to be sprung. Hard not to notice that the later scene of the figure swinging the crowbar isn't in the exact same setting that Robin was in. It certainly doesn't look good for Jason.

Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer First Look Joker Killing Jason Todd Scene
(Photo: HBO Max)

Batman fans know that Jason Todd's end as Robin came when The Joker took him hostage and beat him to death with a crowbar. That tragic event occurred in the infamous mini-series Batman: A Death in the Family in the late '80s, after Batman fired Jason as his Robin, for being too impulsive. It's not hard to imagine the Titans version of Jason Todd having a similar breaking point with Batman, and going to hunt Joker all on his own. It will be a little bit Death in the Family and a little bit of The Killing Joke, as in the latter story an abandoned amusement park is where Joker tried to break Commissioner Gordon mentally, after shooting his daughter Barbara. Barbara Gordon will also be joining Titans Season 3 and will be in a wheelchair, so you can see the Killing Joke influences are being fully utilized.

Titans already gave us one version of The Joker, however it was in a fantasy sequence where Batman went AWOL and started killing off his rogues. Joker was seen splattered on the hood of a car; the whole sequence turned out to be Dick Grayson's spiritual conflict with his own dark side, so that's far from an official debut.

Titans season 3 arrives will premiere on August 12th on HBO Max.