Tonight's Episode of The Flash Harkens Back to an '80s Issue of Booster Gold

In "Dead or Alive," tonight's episode of The Flash, longtime Justice Leaguer Gypsy traveled to Earth-1 from her home on Earth-19 to bring back H.R. Wells, who had joined Team Flash after traveling from her world.

While Wells didn't seem to be hurting anything on Earth-1, and in fact had been a key part of a superhero team that was saving lives and making Earth-1 a better place, Gypsy came to bring him to face the death penalty because, she explained, the restrictions on interdimensional travel was one of her world's most important laws.

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If all of this sounds familiar to you long-time DC fans, that's likely because it's the same idea as a Booster Gold story from the character's first ongoing series in the '80s.

In the case of Booster Gold, he was followed back to the 20th Century by Broderick, a 25th Century federal agent who wanted to bring him to his home time period to face the death penalty for unauthorized time travel.

It's arguably even more obvious why time travel is illegal than multiversal travel, but in any event, Broderick was blinded by his own investment in the case: after all, before he became Booster Gold, Michael Jon Carter was a college football player booted from the league for corruption. As a big football fan, Broderick hated Carter even before he traveled through time.

In the 20th Century, eventually Skeets -- a security droid from the future who serves as Booster's confidant and sidekick -- managed to convince Broderick to leave them alone by showing Broderick 25th Century historical documents that proved Booster Gold being in the 20th Century was always part of the historical gameplan.

The funny thing about "Dead Or Alive" is that it was written in part by Zack Stentz, who is currently working on a script for a Booster Gold feature film to be produced by The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti.

So...could it be that the Broderick story came up in research and simply felt like something that could translate to The Flash? Doesn't seem too farfetched...!

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