The Tonner Wonder Woman Doll Towers Over Barbie

Tonner is expanding their DC Stars lineup with a high-end, high-detail Wonder Woman doll that stands a whopping 16-inches tall.

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In addition to the size of the doll, Tonner's Wonder Woman comes with fancy accessories like a genuine leather battle skirt, metal gauntlets, metal sword and shield, and hair made of "the finest saran." Its also features 15 points of articulation and interchangeable hands. Add all of this up, and you'll begin to understand why the doll costs over $300. Perhaps that's more than you would like to spend on a doll, but I'm pretty sure that it could beat Barbie Wonder Woman in a fair fight.

(Photo: Entertainment Earth)

The doll is available to pre-order now in a deluxe edition that's limited to 100 pieces, and a standard edition that's a limited edition of 500 pieces. If you don't jump on the deluxe edition quick enough, you can get the stand and accessory pack that's included with the deluxe edition separately, but it will cost you more overall.


The new Wonder Woman figure follows Tonner's Harley Quinn and Catwoman dolls based on Dustin Nguyen's Gotham City Garage designs for a line of statues for DC Collectibles. They also released a Bomshells Batwoman doll based on the DC Bombshells Batwoman statue designed by Ant Lucia.