Trinity #2 Review - The Big Three Continue To Shine

Writer and artist Francis Manapul has managed to get things off to a strong start in Trinity, skillfully displaying just why Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman need each other, and somewhere in there he manages to tell an interesting Superman tale.

Manapul's art continues to be the star in Trinity #2, and he's able to explore warmer color palettes thanks to the change in location. lush turquoises, bright yellows, and warm oranges frame the group's surroundings, and his wonderful expression work serves to enhance the dialogue that much more.

Trinity Splash 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

For some the lack of action and superhero fights might be a non-starter, and it's a valid critique, but for those who can look past that, a sweet tale of father and son lays just beyond. Superman is at his best when he as someone to play off of, and Diana and Bruce are brilliant in that regard. Bruce brings his perpetual paranoia and Diana stands her ground but still employs endless understanding. They're the trinity for a reason, and this book continues to skillfully illustrate why, though through a Superman-centric framework.

Trinity 2 3
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The ending has a big hook for issue #3, and though there are still some questions that require answering, those will hopefully be addressed next issue. For issue #3 to continue the high bar set by the first two, a few more crumbs as to who the mysterious voice is will need to be dropped to keep readers from getting antsy. It also wouldn't hurt to have Batman and Wonder Woman featured more in the spotlight, but their time will probably come with future issues.

Trinity #2 is a treat for the eyes but doesn't forget to include a compelling narrative that makes these three DC icons shine.

Trinity #2 is in stores now.

Rating:4 out of 5 Stars


Written and Drawn By: Francis Manapul

Lettered By: Steve Wands