Superman Star Tyler Hoechlin Would Be Interested in Marvel Role That Hasn’t Been Done Yet

Supergirl star Tyler Hoechlin is totally willing to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe — if the role is right and hasn't been done before. Hoechlin appeared in a panel at FAN EXPO Canada this weekend and admitted he'd be willing to take on another superhero role, either in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe, if the character was something that hasn't appeared in live-action before.

After signing on to play Clark Kent/Superman on in The CW's Supergirl, Hoechlin admits researching the character by jumping in headfirst and digging through the DC archives. As he puts it, there are plenty of opportunities out there for new characters fans have yet to see on the big screen.

"I couldn't think of one off the top of my head," Hoechlin said in his panel. "I'm falling to finding one necessarily that hasn't been done by Marvel yet, I'm sure there's plenty. Just as when I went through the DC archives, I went, 'Oh my goodness, you guys have so many things that I still haven't even heard of before,' which is amazing."

Hoechlin then went on the praise fans for supporting the genre, allowing it to grow to unimaginable heights. "I think this genre is evolving into such a great place, the stories that are being told, the way that they are making them so much more empathetic and relatable to real life, has just been a really great transition," the actor said.

Tonally, Hoechlin isn't necessarily looking for something in-your-face gritty, something the actor says he would have loved a few years ago. Now, he's perfectly contently playing the happy-go-lucky guy, much like his iteration of the Man of Steel on Supergirl.

"...and where I'm at in my life, I like happy," explains Hoechlin. "Happy is cool. The hopelessly romantic nice guy, 'It's not so bad,' I love Clark's hope for humanity. I love Superman's relentlessness in thinking that someday we'll all figure it out, so at this point I'm very much enjoying that."

As for Superman, Hoechlin has been confirmed to be appear in The CW's mega-crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" later this year. He won't be the only Superman in the series either; Brandon Routh will be picking up the cape to play Superman from the wildly-popular Kingdom Come comic storyline.


The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths hits airwaves this December.

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