Tyrese Weighs In On Fan Art Of Zac Efron As Green Lantern

BossLogic's latest Zac Efron version of Green Lantern has proved quite popular with most fans, [...]

BossLogic's latest Zac Efron version of Green Lantern has proved quite popular with most fans, though there is one actor who isn't thrilled with the choice, and that would b Tyrese Gibson.

The singer and Fast & Furious star has long wanted to play a Green Lantern, and he wasn't so thrilled with BossLogic's choice for Hal. Gibson saw BossLogic's Green Lantern art on Instagram and replied: "Come on man lol". BossLogic replied, "@tyrese this is Hal 😅" (via Reddit). This all started when BossLogic reworked an older Green Lantern design of his and themed it after Efron's likeness, and honestly, it's not a half bad pick.

As for Tyrese, he's long let the studio known that he would love to portray a Lantern, specifically John Stewart. A fan campaign pitched Gibson as a perfect choice for Stewart, and Gibson has pushed the idea when he can ever since, even meeting with WB at one point.

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"Yeah, I would love to do it," Gibson told Syfy Wire. "Ya know I had a couple of meetings at Warner about it. I just think that they're still trying to figure out what the move is. I would love to officially confirm but I can't, and if they go in a different direction, I think they know what's best for the movie, but the fans started this campaign and all I've done is made use of my social media to let folks know that I'm interested."

Fans continue to cast their favorites in the role of Hal Jordan or John Stewart, but as far as official casting nothing has been announced yet by Warner Bros. We know the film will have Hal and John in a buddy cop style film, but so far that's about all we know. Recent rumors pointed to Tom Cruise being pursued for the role of Hal, and before that, it was widely speculated that Armie Hammer was linked to the part, but neither has been confirmed.

DC is definitely taking its time with the film, and it makes sense since the last film fans remember was the 2011 Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The film wasn't the franchise starter the studio was hoping for and ended up putting the character on ice for a bit. Reynolds would then go on to star in the successful Deadpool movies, and even took a few shots at his Green Lantern role in the process.

It makes sense then that they are taking their time with the next GL movie, and we're hoping it is worth the wait.

Green Lantern Corps hits theaters in 2020.