Van Blasting Restore the SnyderVerse Message Circles Warner Bros.

The "#RestoreTheSnyderVerse" movement continues as reports of a van carrying the message circling the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles today have begun to pop up on social media. The van carries a digital sign on each side, carrying messages in support of more DC movies from Zack Snyder. Among those messages are quotes from various celebrities and fans that have shown interest in more work from the director at Warner Bros., plus reported statistics that seemingly make the case for why the "SnyderVerse" should continue. Not to be alone however, the van was also accompanied by a plane carrying a banner with a similar message.

To his credit, Snyder has spoken previously about these calls, even during the the virtual JusticeCon convention that took place this weekend. The director shared that he didn't expect anything to come from the campaign, but he would never say no to the possibility largely out of respect for the deep reverence fans have shown for his work. "I'll just say this: I think it is a concept that I believe shows sort of reverence for the work, right," Snyder said about the "Restore" movement. "And that way whatever it results in I have no idea. And most likely nothing, just based on you know."

Snyder continued, "I guess my point is that like the reverence for the work is a thing that I never would dismiss and or in any way say I don't respect and that I would not of course give my entire effort to support it because I think that we make the movies, it's made and it's finished and it's there and all the characters and all the storylines and everything, we understand it, it's not like a, you know. And so if someone says to me, no matter who that person is, like 'I really loved that thing, I wish he would make another one' I personally am not a person who says like, 'well, that, you know, forget it' like, you know, I just think that's rude."

As the director pointed out however, there was previously a long period of time where it seemed unlikely that Zack Snyder's Justice League would be released at all.

"What's happened in the last three years for this movie to exist is impossible," he added. "So that's all I think."


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