Video Evidence Surfaces Of Zack Snyder Confirming 'Justice League' Snyder Cut Exists

Zack Snyder sent fans into a frenzy when he said there was what some have referred to as a Snyder [...]

Zack Snyder sent fans into a frenzy when he said there was what some have referred to as a Snyder Cut of Justice League, though he didn't do it during the Q&A after his The Director's Cuts event. He ended up being asked about it after the Q&A as fans were getting posters signed, and one fan took to social media to share Snyder's answer. Some were hesitant to believe it since there wasn't any audio or video attached, but now a video of him talking directly about it has made its way online, and it seems there definitely is a Snyder Cut of the movie somewhere.

Charlie, who goes by @SnyderCutJL, posted the video where Snyder is responding to the questions. Snyder says "I mean all I can tell you is that, sure there's a cut, it's done. They have a cut. They have a bunch of, it's not's up to them." You can check out the full video below.

"It's done. It's up to them. Tried cleaning up the audio a bit to make what he's saying more discernible @wbpictures #ReleaseTheSnyderCut"

During the Q&A portion, Snyder also talked about the original post-credits scene for Justice League, which tied into all the Knightmare portions from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"The original Justice League that Chris [Terrio] and I wrote, we didn't even shoot... The actual idea, the hard, hard idea, the scary idea, we never filmed because the studio was like 'That's crazy,'" Snyder said, adding that he and his collaborators were insecure because of the reaction to Batman v Superman.

"It's a long story," Snyder added. "The truth is that, the Knightmare sequence in this movie was always my idea that all of that would eventually be explained ... and that we would end up in the distance future, where Darkseid has taken over Earth and where Superman has succumbed to the Anti-Life [Equation] ... There was a few members of the Justice League that had survived in that world, that they were fighting. Batman broke a pact with Cyborg because something happened... They were working on an equation to jump Flash back to tell Bruce..."

So, if a Snyder Cut does exist, do you want WB to release it? Let us know in the comments!


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