Here's What Daisy Ridley Could Look Like As Batgirl

In the past, Warner Bros and DC have announced several projects are in development, and one of [...]

In the past, Warner Bros and DC have announced several projects are in development, and one of those is indeed a Batgirl project. The film was originally being handled by Joss Whedon, though he would eventually leave the project after not being able to find the right idea for the character and the film. Since then writer Christina Hodson stepped in to write the script, putting the film back on track. Things have been quiet on the Batgirl front for a bit now, but recently a rumor surfaced that listed Daisy Ridley as a candidate for the role, and a new piece of fan art from Mizuri Official gives us a glimpse what that combination could look like.

Mizuri Official based his Batgirl design on the suit used in Rocksteady's Arkham Knight game, and gave Ridley Babs' trademark red hair, resulting in an impressive glimpse at what a Daisy Ridley Batgirl could be, and we absolutely love it. You can check out Ridley's Batgirl in the post below.


Who would be the perfect Batgirl ?
#DaisyRidley as Batgirl !
Not 100% sure on the facts of this, but I've been seeing rumors on Warner Bros. possibly casting Daisy Ridley as Batgirl! Would definitely be interesting to see her in another massive role, so I decided to make this poster! Hope you guys and girls like it .
Suit used: Arkham Knight .
Follow me for more! @mizuriofficial"

Ridley is n't the only one who's been rumored for the role mind you, as names like Emma Stone and Hailee Steinfeld have also been mentioned as rumored possibilities. Nothing has been confirmed in any way other than Hodson's work on the script, and she's enjoying discovering this universe's version of the character.

"Many things [excite me about Batgirl], but I'm not allowed to talk about that, at all," Hodson told Collider. "She's cool. With all of these characters – the ones that I'm creating and that are original, like [Bumblebee's] Charlie, and the ones I'm getting to inherit and play with – they're independent, intelligent, capable, interesting and nuanced, and nuanced really is the main thing. They're not one thing or another. They are flawed, complex, beautiful, wonderful, weird, and fully rounded and fully fleshed out characters. We've got so many great actresses out there, that are ready to play these roles, that it's fun to be writing roles for them [WB]".

Batgirl currently has no release date.

So who do you want to play the role of Batgirl? Let us know in the comments!