What If? DC Civil War

One of the more popular books in past years has been the What If? series, which takes previous [...]

One of the more popular books in past years has been the What If? series, which takes previous storylines or events and changes the smallest of things to elicit a very different result. If that same methodology was used on Marvel's original Civil War, what would that look like?

Let the speculation begin!

The central conflict of Civil War pertained to the Superhero Registration Act, which forced costumed vigilantes to reveal their identities to the government and submit to government training before going back out into the field. That side was led by Tony Stark, with his longtime friend Steve Rogers leading those who opposed the government's control over who could be a hero and where.

This would again be the split in the DC Universe, and there is a team more than likely to start the entire ordeal. That would be the Teen Titans who find themselves with the unpredictable Damian Wayne as their leader at the moment. Wayne would lead them in to take out a Ra's al Ghul splinter cell when things go horribly wrong, leading to a massive explosion. The explosion is located in suburbia and takes out numerous innocents.

In the aftermath, the government decides that it can no longer let the Justice League oversee the superhero community, and thus enacts the Justice Registration Act. Superman attempts to please the League's case, but the law will pass regardless of his opposition, and he feels the best way to proceed is to go with the new law and try and work within it. Batman sees things differently and doesn't feel the government has the world's best interests at heart, which makes sense with how much interaction he's had with government spooks and agents like Amanda Waller.

Superman has to lead a team to gather up those who will not sign the act, putting together heroes like Ray Palmer, The Atom, Aquaman, and The Flash in pursuit. Batman's side consists of heroes like Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Cyborg, and Batwoman.

The two sides would encounter each other on numerous occasions, and Batman would deal a huge blow to them when he and a small covert force manage to bring down the JLA watchtower, crippling the other side's communications and reinforcements. A group of high-profile villains would see this as an opportunity though to strike, and they launch on assault on the White House. The President is about to be taken when Batman and his covert group come in to save him. After they successfully dispatch of the enemies, all guns are pointed at them, with the President asking Batman why he would make himself so vulnerable to save him. Batman replies "Because that's what we do".

This initiates a cease-fire between the two groups, and while there will be a policy in place to help curtail events like these from happening again, Batman has a seat at the table to ensure there is a voice speaking up for the vigilantes who treasure their privacy but still want to help others in need.

So that's one take, but of course, with a story this big and expansive, it could go a myriad of ways. If you have a different way things would go, make sure to leave your take in the comments! Would love to hear your version.

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