Wonder Woman 1984 Director Compares Steve Trevor’s Role to Indiana Jones

There's a lot of anticipation mounting for Wonder Woman 1984, the long-awaited sequel to DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures' surprise summer 2017 hit. The new movie will see Diana Prince operating amid the glitz and glamour of the '80s as she deals with the threats of Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. But she won't be alone in this movie, which will tackle the surprising resurrection of her lover Steve Trevor who died in World War I during the events of the first movie. With both Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reprising their roles in the film, fans should expect some surprising developments in the movie.

Pine spoke with Entertainment Weekly during a set visit for Wonder Woman 1984 where the actor revealed his role in the sequel is like a role reversal from the original film.

"In the first movie, I played the world-weary soldier who has seen all the depravity that humankind is capable of displaying,” said Pine. “And in this one I get to be much more wide-eyed and joyful. My role is really just as a friend, lover, boyfriend-cum-bodyguard who’s trying his best to help Diana on her mission. I’m like the Watson to her Holmes."

Jenkins explained that this movie is meant to elevate Pine's version of Trevor without marginalizing Gadot's Wonder Woman.

"He’s not beta at all. He’s a super alpha who can absolutely wear his discomfort on his sleeve," Jenkins explained. "So, from day one, I was always saying that it should almost be like Wonder Woman meets Indiana Jones, where Indiana would never be emasculated. Chris just very naturally has that quality. You can tell by meeting him that he’s warm and he’s chill and he truly appreciates women."

Pine elaborated saying that the film's love story, which is central to the connection between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, fits perfectly into the plot without feeling unnecessary.


"I think sometimes superhero films may feel they have to fit in a love story just to tick that box,” Pine said. “Whereas in this, it’s part and parcel of the spine of the lead character. And that is Wonder Woman — she leads with love and compassion and protectiveness, and these qualities that I think are nurtured by a good strong relationship.”

Fans will get to see how it all turns out when Wonder Woman 1984 premieres in theaters on June 5th.