Wonder Woman 3 Star Gal Gadot Reveals Update on DC Comics Sequel

It didn't take long after the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 for DC and Warner Bros. to greenlight a third film in the franchise. Wonder Woman will be back for a third go-round with director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot, and Warner Bros. reportedly had the project on a fast track. It could be here sooner rather than later, but that doesn't mean there are details floating around for us just yet. 

Variety caught up with Gal Gadot on Wednesday night at the premiere of her new Netflix film Red Notice, and asked for an update on Wonder Woman 3. Gadot noted that the script is being worked on and everything is moving forward, but made sure to keep any specific details under wraps.

"I can't tell you yet, but we're working on the script," Gadot replied, when asked when Wonder Woman 3 might arrived. She went on to say that she couldn't reveal anything else because "then people would come down from the roof and take me away and I'd miss this whole thing."

As usual with major superhero projects, Wonder Woman 3 details and secrets are being kept hush-hush. During DC FanDome last month, however, Jenkins shared that the development of the next movie has been exciting.

"We're super excited about Wonder Woman 3," Jenkins added. "Gal, who is so bummed not to be here, who is the busiest person in the world with now three little kids and shooting, she's so bummed not to be able to be here. But we are all three very excited about some exciting things coming up with Wonder Woman 3." 

Original Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter appeared in a cameo at the end of Wonder Woman: 1984, and it has since been confirmed that she will have a role in the upcoming third installment.

"Who would have thought in my life at this time in my life that this gift would just present itself to me, and that's so cool," Carter said during the FanDome presentation.

At this time, there hasn't been any word on any other potential actors from the Wonder Woman series returning for the third movie. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal seem like possibilities, given where they left things at the end of 1984, but nothing has been reported on the matter.

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