'Young Justice: Outsiders' Reveals Superman's SPOILER

The latest episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders continues to reveal surprising new changes for the heroes and villains, with new sidekicks and relationships and super teams debuting every week.

The ninth episode of Young Justice Season 3, called "Home Fires," reveals some major changes for Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent which is likely to have major ramifications for the future.

Warning: Spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders below.

In the episode, Iris West-Allen hosts a babysitting session for other superpowered families, with her future grandson Bart Allen (AKA Impulse) helping out with the toddling Tornado Twins. Many other heroes attend, including Will Harper and his daughter Lian, Mera and her son Artur, and a lot others.

The big shock comes toward the end of the episode, when Lois Lane arrives carrying a baby in a Superman outfit, making it clear that she and Clark have indeed had a child. If it weren't clear enough, he has the same blue eyes and spit curl as his father.

The baby is named Jonathan, meaning that Young Justice is likely following the current DC Comics canon to a certain extent.

Jonathan Kent is the latest character with the mantle of Superboy and is the son of Earth 1's Lois and Clark, who survived the New 52 reboot and eventually replaced their updated versions. In the comics, Jon and Damien Wayne team up to form the Super Sons, going on their own adventures often against their father's wishes.

As we saw in a previous episode of Young Justice, Talia al Ghul shows up with a baby, heavily hinting at Damien's future in the animated series. Should we get another big time jump in the series — or if Young Justice continues for a few more seasons — perhaps the series will make the Super Sons the latest members of the Team.

Young Justice has made a lot of changes to Earth-16 in the latest time jump, referencing some major storylines from the comic book canon. Producer Brandon Vietti explained the thought behind the time jumps and these references while speaking to ComicBook.com.

"We knew it could be a controversial decision doing like time skips between seasons, but you know that was part of the reality that we are trying to build into the show," Vietti said. "In order to really show growth you need a long period of time, and that's just not something that we're able to do with the limited number of episodes that we're given to tell these stories.


"We try to plan it so hopefully we would never frustrate fans with a lack of information about a character while they're growing," he added. "We try to just put enough in there to sort of whet their appetite to make them wanna know more without ever losing the thread of the story we are trying tell."

The mid-season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders will air next Friday, January 25th on DC Universe.