Young Justice EP Gives Season 4 Update

After the surprising return to the DC Universe service more than five years after it was [...]

After the surprising return to the DC Universe service more than five years after it was originally canceled, Young Justice is continuing its revival with a fourth season coming to HBO Max — and now we have an update on the status of the new episodes. Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on DC Universe in 2019, reviving the popular Cartoon Network series that was canceled way too soon. While it's been a while since the third season ended, it sounds like we won't have to wait too long for Young Justice Season 4 to premiere on the new streaming service.

According to producer Greg Weisman, there are quite a few episodes of Young Justice Season 4 that are already finished. Progress is currently underway on the remainder of the series.

The new season is being called Young Justice: Phantoms and will see Arsenal rejoin the Team while Superboy and Miss Martian quit to focus on their relationship. This probably is not the end of their story, however, as both characters have played prominent roles throughout three seasons of Young Justice.

Weisman previously spoke about making Young Justice: Phantoms at DC FanDome in last September. While many shows have been derailed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Weisman said that they've been able to continue work on Young Justice Season 4 with consistency.

"We're all working from home and, for the most part when it comes to the pre-production, the scriptwriting, the storyboards, design work — we've successfully transitioned to working at home," said Weisman. "It's not quite as much fun to not be in the office and not have everyone together. We used to record everyone together as much as possible in a room for the first three seasons. Every once in a while, there's someone who couldn't make a session. And that obviously has changed; everyone is mostly recording one at a time from their closets... But the fact is we're all pretty lucky working on the show."

We'll get to see how the story of the Team continues to progress when Young Justice: Phantoms finally premieres on HBO Max.