Zachary Levi Thinks 'Shazam' Could Be Like 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Things are moving right along for the live-action Shazam movie and as things begin to pick up steam, the movie's star Zachary Levi is already thinking that the upcoming DC comics film has the potential to be like the surprise Marvel Cinematic Universe hit, Guardians of the Galaxy.

At Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose this weekend, Levi had nothing but praise for James Gunn's film about the rag tag band of unlikely intergalactic heroes and said that from his perspective, Shazam could do for DC what Guardians did for Marvel.

"James Gunn and the gang killed it," Levi said. "It brought so much heart and humor and yeah, I think it was kind of like this dark horse that took everybody by storm and I think Shazam kind of has the possibility to do that because Shazam's not, for all intents and purposes, not Supes it's not Batman, it's not Wonder Woman, it's not what most of the people [expect.]"

Levi also went on to explain that while Shazam isn't presently connected to Justice League, if Shazam does well enough, it might be possible to see the character interact with some of those bigger name heroes, reminding everyone that in comics, Shazam is part of the League.

"If you look at most Justice League montages or Justice League posters Shazam is not necessarily one of the characters you put on there except he is in the justice league," Levi said. "So, if we do well the way when I was camera testing for this job I was driving two and from warner bros, it was like two weeks before Justice League came out, and I was driving to Warner Bros. and the posters were, there were like three of them on the way to Warner Bros. and on the way back, and I was going 'am I about to on one of those posters right there? This is insane!" and I might be. So, to that extent if Shazam gets to be that kind of fun, jovial, because he is he's Billy's the movie Big but with super powers."

And Levi might just be onto something. In comics, Shazam is a more lighthearted character and that levity is something that the film's director, David F. Sandberg, has been teasing on his own social media while working on the film. Most recently, Sandberg posted a video teasing Shazam as Batman's nightmare using footage from Batman v Superman.

Fans will get to see for themselves just how lighthearted and Guardians' like Shazam is when the film opens in theaters on April 5, 2019.