Zack Snyder Ready To Discuss Every Detail Of 'Batman V Superman' With Fans

Vero, the social media network of choice for Zack Snyder and his Batman v Superman: Dawn of [...]

Vero, the social media network of choice for Zack Snyder and his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cohorts, is likely to serve as a forum for the filmmaker to discuss the movie in-depth with fans over the next few weeks.

Snyder himself has apparently gathered up numerous fan theories, questions, and analysis that has popped up on Vero and will be working through them and presumably replying to some of it.

In a post on Vero, accompanied by screenshots from fans' posts, Snyder said that he was "Doing my homework, going through all of the amazing and thoughtful analysis of BvS." He said that he hoped to get through it all by the weekend.

Vero was co-founded by Ayman Hariri, the son of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005. Before Snyder and several of his behind-the-scenes folks became some of the platform's most visible users, Hariri -- a comic book fan with one of the largest collections of vintage comics in the world -- appeared in an uncredited role in Batman v Superman.

Snyder's involvement in the DC movies seems to be mostly at an end at this point; while it was originally said that his Justice League would be a two-part outing, Snyder and his wife Deborah, also a producer on the films, started to walk that back during production on the film.

Snyder seems proud of both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, frequently sharing behind-the-scenes material and always happy to talk about the films with fans. He has said significantly less about Justice League -- a film over which he did not have the final say.

Joss Whedon stepped in for reshoots and then worked with Warner Bros. to develop a final cut for Justice League that met studio demands. Snyder had stepped aside following the death of his daughter. Rumor has it that he and the studio were already not seeing eye to eye and that Snyder was unable to complete the film to everyone's mutual satisfaction in the necessary timeframe while also spending time with his family to mourn.

Snyder's propensity for responding to fan theories, Easter eggs, and analysis on social media has endeared him to some and left others claiming that Snyder feels the movies don't stand on their own. The latter seems pretty facile when considering that it is fans who are bringing their readings to Snyder for interpretation, not the other way around.