Zack Snyder Shares New Batman Photo in Honor of Ben Affleck’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ben Affleck! The Academy Award-winner known best for playing Batman in the DCEU [...]

Happy Birthday, Ben Affleck! The Academy Award-winner known best for playing Batman in the DCEU turned 49 on August 15th. Many folks have taken to social media today to honor Affleck, who will soon be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie. One such person to post about Affleck today is Zack Snyder, who has directed Affleck in multiple DC movies, including the most recent "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Snyder took to Vero today to share a throwback photo of Affleck trying on the Batsuit for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Shot on my phone October 23, 2013. Happy Birthday Batman," Snyder captioned the post. You can check out the photo below:

Last week, it was reported that Affleck is expected to begin filming his scenes for Andy Muschietti's The Flash in the fall. Production for the highly-anticipated movie has been underway and while set photos have shown a stunt-double in for Affleck, the actor himself has not yet returned to the role. The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to reveal the news, writing: "Little nugget for y'all. Ben Affleck reports to set to suit up again as Batman on #TheFlashMovie in September." With filming having started in April, it would seem Affleck's upcoming time on set could be during the final days of shooting.

Affleck may not have started filming for The Flash, but another Batman actor has already re-donned the cowl: Michael Keaton. While speaking with Good Day Chicago's Jake Hamilton, Keaton opened up about returning to the costume and how everything started to come back to him once he got over that hill.

"It was shockingly normal. It was weird," Keaton said about putting on the Batman cowl once again. "Like I went 'Oh, oh yeah, that's right.' But also then you start to play the scenes and a lot of memories, a lot of interesting sense memories (start to come back)." Keaton wouldn't confirm if he's said the iconic line "I'm Batman" yet while filming (a wise wager would be to bet on him saying it at some point though) and also said he's yet to talk to Tim Burton about what he's doing. "No, but just because we haven't because we've got other stuff to talk about."

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The Flash is currently set for release on November 4, 2022.