Zack Snyder's Justice League: Connie Nielsen Teases New Amazon Origin Story

When Zack Snyder originally began his journey with a Justice League movie, he planned to have a deeply developed DC movie world on the screen. This included castings which were cut from the theatrical version of the film and stories for characters which were altered, shortened, or completely removed. Among the characters who fans can expect a very different story for in Zack Snyder's Justice League when it hits HBO Max later this month is Connie Nielsen's Hippolyta. Nielsen, who also has Universal's Nobody releasing this month, spoke to about what fans should expect and the new take on the Amazon's sounds drastically different from what was seen in the theatrical League.

Nielsen debuted in her DC role with 2017's Wonder Woman before reprising the part in Justice League and then again in 2020's Wonder Woman 1984. Now, it looks like viewers are going to get to know the character and her world much more deeply as Zack Snyder's Justice League takes us back to Themyscira. "So it was very interesting, because I first shot Wonder Woman, and then we went into Justice League, after shooting Wonder Woman," Nielsen explains. "And Wonder Woman really brings you into sort of like, a little bit of an origin, background for Wonder Woman. But incredibly, Justice League actually takes you into a origin story."

While Nielsen can't give too much away, her enthusiasm for the original vision to be seen really comes through when you watch the full interview in the video above. "I can't say a lot of it but, what was amazing was that that really was part of the story that he built up, into Justice League, so there was like an origin, origin story as well," she says. "I'm very excited to see, how much of that you guys will get to see. Obviously, there are so many people who love the Amazons, and I think they're gonna be excited to see, even more stuff, from the Amazon culture. And they'll see how bad-ass the Amazons are."

If Nielsen's wise Hippolyta could offer a bit of advice to the character Nielsen's Becca Mansell stands with in Nobody, Bob Odenkirk's Hutch might benefit quite a bit in the Universal movie. "She would definitely tell him, to not be so down on himself, to love himself up a little bit, to use gratitude for what he does have, which is a fantastic and loving family, and not to mention wife," Nielsen said. "And to team up, with people on his side, so that he's not so alone." That team up might might just come in a sequel but you'll have to see Nobody to understand how.


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Nielsen's work in Nobody releases in theaters on March 26.