Zatanna & the Ripper Trailer Released by DC and Webtoon

DC and Webtoon's partnership has already resulted in some pretty surprising titles, reimagining the expectations of the publisher's roster of characters in some fun ways. As of this Monday, that will now include the series Zatanna & The Ripper, which will take the world of Zatanna Zatara into a stylish new context. On Monday, in conjunction with the the series' debut, DC and Webtoon unveiled the first teaser trailer for Zatanna & the Ripper, which provided a new look at the series. Zatanna & The Ripper is written by Sarah Dealy with lead art by Syro.

In Zatanna & the Ripper, Giovanni Zatara is one of the world's most talented magicians. His daughter Zatanna, on the other hand, is among the world's most powerful. On her 21st birthday, Zatanna witnesses a fight between her father and the sorceress Allura. Before Allura can get to his daughter, however, Giovanni blasts Zatanna far away-to London, the 1800s. Zatanna tries to use her burgeoning magic to return home, but fails. What she can do, however, is pull things out of the future (and past). So her small, 19th century room is now filled with modern gadgets. It seems she'll be stuck forever until an old friend finds her-John Constantine. Recognizing him from her past-or her future, he tells her he knows how to get her home. They'll have to solve the Jack the Ripper murders. To make matters worse, Zatanna also quickly learns that she's among the Ripper's targets. In a gritty but magical journey (with a healthy dab of romance), Zatanna and John Constantine join forces to find and unmask Jack the Ripper.

Zatanna & the Ripper is the latest in a string of original series from DC and Webtoon, which include the already-released Wayne Family Adventures and the recent Vixen: NYC, as well as the upcoming Red Hood: Outlaws.

"We're excited to continue expanding DC's storytelling, with fun, out-of-continuity stories featuring our characters in different worlds and genres, that any fan, whether new to DC or not, can dive into," Marie Javins, Editor-in-Chief of DC, said in a statement.

"Our collaboration with DC continues to bring some of the most exciting characters from the DC pantheon to a new generation of comic fans, complete with fresh storylines and new takes on classic heroes," David Lee, VP of Content at WEBTOON, echoed. "Our work with DC has seen incredib