GTA Online "Corrects" More Players' Accounts by Removing Funds

(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Several GTA Online players are noticing in-game currency being reclaimed from their accounts, but they claim that the seizure of money is unwarranted.

Having money deducted from a GTA Online player's account is nothing new -- it's been seen several times in the past whenever a player supposedly had ill-gotten money in their accounts. Hacking and other exploits are the main methods that players use to gain extra money without doing the necessary missions or forking over real-world money, circumstances where it makes sense that they'd have their dubious earnings removed.

But recently, some players are claiming that they're totally guilt-free and shouldn't have had their money touched at all. One user who has been a member of the GTA forums since 2010 claims that they did receive modded money a long time ago back in a previous update, but after grinding their way up to quite a bit of cash, their account has taken a hit after a recent correction pulled a lot of money out. Almost $8.5 million in in-game currency was stripped from GTA Online player SkylineGTRFreak, and it appears that the player is not alone.

Another user replied to the forums post about the alleged corrections and said that they're account also took a blow of just over $12.5 million, leaving them with only $250,000 to work with. Players are even saying that they'll quit the game if their money isn't returned, indicating that they truly feel as though they've done nothing to justify the deductions.

Regarding the reoccurring situation of players having money stripped from their accounts, Rockstar Games posted an explanation back in June that was updated just two days ago, an update that indicates Rockstar is back on the hunt for ill-gotten money.

"We are aware of cheaters who are manipulating the in-game funds and RP levels for themselves and other players in GTA Online," the answer reads. "In an effort to create a fair gameplay environment for all players, we routinely perform security sweeps for any illegitimately gained GTA$ and/or adjusted RP levels. Players who have had their accounts affected should see corrections being made. GTA$ purchased via Shark Cards will remain on the account and are not affected by illegitimately gained in-game money removal."

Players can always fill out a support ticket to Rockstar if they think that money has been reclaimed unjustly, but it'll likely vary on a case-by-case basis whether you'll be reimbursed or not.