Report: Vanquish And Bayonetta Could Soon Be On PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Re-masters. Gotta love them. They’re a fresh reminder of the great games you may have missed from the previous generation, and, for the most part, they’re redone in the best way possible. Just look at Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and you’ll see what I mean.

Prepare for two more greats, as it appears that two Sega/Platinum Games classics could be getting the re-release treatment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A trio of Eastern Europe retailers, including Alza, FilmGame and EsteLacnejsie, have listed a product that features both Bayonetta and Vanquish in one single package for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, set for release sometime later this year. The price shows a listing of around $54.50 in Czech dollars, which would be pretty close to around $50-$60 here.

An exact date hasn’t been given, as the sites list different dates, ranging from October to November. However, it does appear to be pretty solid evidence that both games could be on the way to the new systems.

That wouldn’t be a complete shock to us. Sega recently revisited both franchises on the PC front, with Bayonetta seeing a surprise release for Steam/PC earlier in the year, complete with a 4K remastering and other minor improvements (which we loved). Vanquish followed closely behind, with plenty of tweaks in its own right that made it a favorite on the PC front. (Surprise, we loved that, too.) So seeing Sega give both games the console treatment wouldn’t be a shock.

Sega hasn’t officially said anything about the remasters yet, but Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, so there’s a good possibility that the company could announce something there, providing yet another big holiday release to go alongside its previously announced Sonic Forces. Now we just need finalization of a price and release date, and we’ll really be getting somewhere.

For now, take the release news with a grain of salt, but with three different sites reporting the releases, there’s a good deal of possibility here. And considering Sega’s already done most of the remaster work for the PC front, console releases wouldn’t be out of the question.

Yes…we do need Vanquish on PS4. Just saying.