BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Leak Might Have Just Confirmed The Roster


A possible leak may have just confirmed some very popular names for the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle roster. Full disclaimer however; the below report, as legitimate as it may appear, is from 4chan. That being said, the below information is tentative and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. After some digging however, it does look like this could potentially be an accurate claim for the title.

The 4Chan post begins with an alleged Arc System Works employee. The original post is as follows:

I'm a employee at Arc System Works America. Things aren't going too well for me at over there and I might get kicked off the team for Cross Tag Battle localisation. So If that's gonna happen I'm gonna give some information on the upcoming impacts.

>January 19th's monthly stream announcements
>Evo Japan trailer announcements
>RTX Sydney announcements
>February 16th stream

I should also mention we've been working with Rooster Teeth for dubbing reasons (which we do have planned for all series, even Under Night in Birth). However they do seem to get in the way of some things, for example, Relius was planned for a while but RT asked Arcsys and the America side of the company not to add him, they were concerned with something like his Astral Heat being added and they didn't like the implications of it on some characters they saw and they didn't want that in the same game as RWBY characters.

I don't know what happens after these announcements, all I know is that the roster is gonna be bigger than most people would expect.

The poster chose to remain anonymous, though they were very active in the comment section addressing questions thrown their way, even the fake leak accusations. The full thread can be seen here but until we receive official confirmation, we'll file this one away as one more piece to the rumor puzzle.