Fan Mocks Up Dream Roster For Injustice-Style Marvel Cinematic Universe Fighting Game

(Photo: TheKosmicKollector via Reddit)

One Marvel fan took to Reddit to show off a mockup he made where the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a fighting game with the same stylization as Injustice 2. With Marvel continuing to dominate in the box office, and Injustice 2 being a huge hit for the fighter genre, the mockup is impressive. Though there is an Avengers game that is similar slated for 2018, we can't help but to appreciate this fan's work.

His set up of film selection is something we'd definitely like to see - being able to choose a more classic experience, or choosing something a little newer - both cater to the wide spectrum of Marvel fans looking for a good fight. Agent Carter, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Groot, the Scarlet Witch - even the baddies that we loft to hate like the non-penile looking Thanos featured on the right.

With the Black Panther film on the horizon, we'd love to see a stronger presence of those character, though he himself is featured on the left-hand side. I for one would love to play as Nakia, though it is nice to see T'Challa/Black Panther on the fan-made roster.

We can't help but to notice the lack of Deadpool ... make sense, given the MCU focus - but come on, he's known for breaking that fourth wall. Maybe the fan had him in mind as a secret unlockable ... we're going to go with that theory for now. Still, the mock up is impressive, and fellow Redditors flocked to it in mutual appreciate. For now, we have the Avengers game to look forward to, which will appease that fighter Marvel love a little bit.

If you haven't checked out the Avengers game yet, we've got you covered: