HTC Vive CES Tease Hints At Improved Resolution, Possible New Headset

(Photo: HTC)

Ahead of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the social media accounts for the HTC Vive teased at least one major announcement that VR lovers can expect at the show. HTC's past year with the Vive has shown significant ups and downs, with an update from the company this past summer indicating possible trouble on the horizon for its VR headset. Now, though, it seems that further work is being done, either on the current Vive headset or a new version. Check out the tweet below and scroll on for more details:

While there are planned titles for the Vive on the horizon for 2018, this possible new model is rumored to be the 'HTC Vive 1.5', rather than the Vive 2, which company reps have said may take a while to produce. If there is a new headset on the way, it's very obviously going to be set up with 4K capabilities, and a high resolution display to further immerse the player within the game.

Virtual Reality is expected to be a hot topic at this year's show, though a few current VR leaders are missing from the lineup, such as Oculus, makers of the Rift. While they're usually easy to spot on the floor map, it doesn't seem like they're holding a presence this time around.

The Vive currently works with most PC games made for VR, including Fallout 4 VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Rick & Morty: Virtual Rickality and Tilt Brush. Basically, if it's on Steam and made for VR, Vive owners can purchase and download those games to play.

The current HTC Vive, which comes with two controllers and two base stations, is available now for $599 at most retailers. Expect more announcements on big Consumer Electronics Show reveals as we get closer to opening day.