'Star Wars Battlefront II' Mod Recreates Mace Windu's 187th Legion Troopers

(Photo: Commander 91)

While the stormtroopers of the original trilogy might be the most famous of Star Wars troopers, there's something to be said about the heartfelt tales told by the Clones of the Republic. Recent mods to Star Wars: Battlefront II have brought fan favorite clones like Commander Cody and Captain Rex to life, and another seeks to do the same with a lesser-known faction of the Clone battalions. Much like Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu once sprung into action to lead a clone battalion against the dark forces of the Sith. The new mod, called Clone Wars: Republic Heroes has just added troopers from the 187th Legion (committed to Legends lore, for now) to its growing expansion of maps and settings.

According to the official ModDb listing, Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is dedicated to the legacy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which, in this case, includes the 2-D animated series, where the 187th Legion featured under Windu's command. The description boasts new maps and vehicles, a new HUD, and the "best" characters from the Clone Wars era. There are planned updates and additions on the way for weaponry and armor, as well.

The update includes the standard 187th Clone Trooper, a Heavy Clone Trooper, and the unnamed Commander of the 187th. The 187th notably served at the Battle of Dantooine, where they suffered a huge loss. That's where the mod is set -- with the jetpack-ready Commander at the lead of it all.

Republic Heroes actually looks pretty great, if screen shots and images are anything to go off of. It's been expanding since 2016, and with the sheer assortment of spacecraft available from parts of the Clone Wars era that make being a die-hard expanded universe fan (or a curious newbie) tons of fun.

Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is going into open beta in February.

Source: ModDb