Nintendo Trolls Fans Waiting for Nintendo Direct, Reaction Is Priceless

The darkest corners of the internet where the Nintendo fandom thrives are suddenly awash with light and noise. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats, not-so-patiently waiting for Nintendo to officially announce a Direct presentation, when it happened. Nintendo finally broke its silence and unleashed the tweet to end all tweets; the tweet that would set the world on fire:

THEY KNOW. Nintendo knows we're losing our minds, and they're having so much fun with it. I have personally confirmed from two different sources that employees from Nintendo in multiple countries see everything happening -- they see our hype -- and they're having fun with us. On one hand, it makes us adore them as a company so much. On the other hand it's just so, so cruel.

The reaction to this tweet was immediate, and it was extreme. At once we all realized that Nintendo is actively toying with us. Take a look at some of these responses:

Someone even made a t-shirt to commemorate the moment that Nintendo turned our own hype against us, and it's a thing of beauty. Your humble author has actually ordered one, and I will proudly wear it out in public. That way, whenever anyone sees it and knows what it is, I can identify them more readily as a crazy person (like myself).


It's only a matter of time, right? We know that there is a Direct happening this month, but we don't know when. With Nintendo actively engaging with its insane fan-base, we have to assume that it will announce something soon. We'll keep you guys updated, of course.