Gears of War 5 May Have Been Teased During Today’s Inside Xbox Episode

UPDATE: Welp, we had our hopes up for a minute there, but Rubenstein got back to me and let me know what was up with the hoodie. You can see his response below.

Another Twitter user, @LouContaldi, also provided some evidence of this Undefeated logo, and...yep, it matches!

Thanks, Jeff. But don't mind us if we cross our fingers for a new chapter anyway!

ORIGINAL STORY: A couple of months ago, we reported on some news that Microsoft may be ramping up to produce a new chapter in the Gears of Warseries, based on potential job openings over at Splash Damage, the team that previously worked on the Gears series alongside The Coalition. (That developer is reportedly moving on to a Perfect Dark project.)

But today, we got yet another interesting piece of evidence indicating that Gears of War 5 could be ramping up for some kind of reveal. And it came from none other than Microsoft itself.

The company hosted an Inside Xbox special today where it revealed a first look at many items, including its latest run of original Xbox games that can be played on Xbox One. But there’s one thing that a fan noticed over the course of the show – with Jeff Rubenstein’s hoodie.

As you know, Rubenstein likes wearing his Xbox-related gear, particularly hoodies. But today, his particular choice had a logo on it that couldn’t help but be noticed. A Twitter user by the name of AAMARMO posted the tweet below, which shows a clear look at the design – a look at a five notch symbol with the Gears of War logo right next to it.

Now, Microsoft hasn’t officially said anything about the next chapter in the Gears of War series, and probably won’t until, at the very least, its presentation that will take place before the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, which will be hosted at the Microsoft Theater. But this is one more piece of evidence indicating that the story that picked back up in Gears of War 4 will continue to some extent.


The company could certainly use a big hit to pick back up its forthcoming holiday season, since last year didn’t go so well, with Microsoft heavily leaning on Forza Motorsport 7, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the Xbox One X to get through the end of 2017. With Gears of War 5, and, who knows, maybe Halo 6 on the horizon, that momentum could easily pick back up.

You can watch the Inside Xbox presentation above!