The Official Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand is Now Available to Order


The kickstand on the Nintendo Switch is ridiculously terrible. It’s the one thing about the Switch that Nintendo didn’t really think all the way through. Then again, maybe they did, because it has provided them with yet another opportunity to sell you an accessory.

Indeed, the official Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand is now available to pre-order from Amazon for $19.99. It’s covered by their pre-order price guarantee, so if any discounts occur between the time that you order and the July 13th release date, you’ll get the lowest price. It sucks having to buy a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place, but it’s clear that Nintendo's stand is the best option out there if you’re willing to pay extra for it. I only wish that there was a version that also served as a portable TV dock.

"With a handy port for an AC adapter on the side, the adjustable charging stand allows the Nintendo Switch system to be charging while in Tabletop mode, enabling longer play sessions,” the company noted in its press release. "The angle of the stand can also be adjusted to create the best viewing angle for different environments."

Unfortunately, the stand doesn't come with an AC adapter, so you'll need to use the one that comes with your Nintendo Switch, or purchase a second one separately.


Of course, you could always save a little money by going with a basic stand. The AmazonBasics version does the job perfectly. It's basically the same as the official HORI version, only cheaper.

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