Dying Light 2 Features A New Protagonist And A Much Bigger World

The finer details on Dying Light 2 are still a little scarce, but Techland has confirmed that the sequel will be ditching the game's previous protagonist and will feature a much bigger world.

The moment Dying Light 2 was unveiled at E3 2018 this past week, one of the first things fans wanted to know was whether the first game's protagonist, Kyle Crane, would be returning. And the answer to that question is no, he wont be, at least according the game's official Twitter account.

While Techland has confirmed that Crane won't be returning, it doesn't divulge whether he will be in the game in some other type of capacity.

The sequel is notably set during a different time and in a different location than the first game, so it seems unlikely he will be in at all beyond maybe an easter egg.

Taking Crane's place will be a character named Gazi, who joins The City's peacekeepers in a quest of vengeance after his mom is killed. And that's about all we know about Gazi at the moment.

As for the game's new location, it appears to be centered around "possibly" the last human settlement in the world, simply referred to as 'The City." Though like the first game, the setting is still 'somewhere' in Europe.

While we already knew the game's narrative and gameplay systems are far more ambitious in the sequel, we now also know the Dying Light 2's world is substantially bigger than the world in the first game.


Dying Light 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, slated to release sometime in 2019.

As mentioned above, details on the sequel are still a little scarce, but we do know it will have no battle-royale mode and that it is packing some serious writing talent.