New 'Fortnite' Level 100 Skin Combines Kratos and Thor

(Photo: Fortnite)

The new crowning skin of Fortnite's Season Five Battle Pass appears to be a combination of God of War's Kratos and Marvel's Thor.

As with previous Battle Pass achievements, the Fortnite skins appear to pull inspiration from iconic character. With this new skin which is unlocked at Level 100, it appears Epic Games took inspiration from one of the most popular video game characters (Kratos) in its white skin and beard as the world's collide theme brought mythical and historical elements to the game. It also appears to draw from the God of Thunder with the armor and cape, though all of this could ultimately be a coincidence, but the name Ragnarok makes this hard to believe following the release of Thor: Ragnarok.

Check out the evolution of the Level 100 skin as modifications are applied to it (unlockable by accomplishing various challenges) in the video below.

The other unlockable skins included in the new Battle Pass include Drift, Huntress, Redline, Sun Strider, Sledgehammer, Rook, and Ragnarok. Redline is the female counterpart to Season Three's Burnout, while the others are wholly original to Season Five.

Other new updates to Fortnite with Season Five include the replacements of Moisty Mire and Anarchy Acres. Now, they have been replaced with Paradise Palmsn (which dominates the southeastern corner of the map) and Lazy Links (a golf course in the central northern area). The prison has been completely erased from the map, as well.


Portals have also been popping up in certain areas of the map, offering players the opportunity to warp back into the sky for a freefall back down to the map.

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