Sega Discusses Dreamcast Sega Ages Games For Nintendo Switch

The Sega Ages line has officially debuted on Nintendo Switch, with Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV (also known as Lightening Force) officially on the system, and more like Phantasy Star and Space Harrier on the way. But fans are already thinking bigger, at least based on the results of a recent poll, where they wanted to see Jet Set Radio make its debut on the platform, amongst other Dreamcast releases.

Jet Set Radio

The results of said poll were revealed right before the publisher announced Virtua Racing would be coming to the Switch, much to the delight of fans. And while the titles aren’t guaranteed, it sounds like Sega is taking these suggestions very seriously.

Following a recent stage event at Tokyo Game Show, Sega Ages producer Kagasei Shimomura noted that the team is looking into future titles for the series. “Jet Set Radio coming first in the most-wanted game poll for the Sega Ages doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get a port,” he explained. However, he did note that the company will go all out to “meet fans’ expectations,” hoping to announce more surprise titles.

The president of M2, the series developer, Naoki Horii added that he would “do his best” when it came to bringing such experiences to the Switch. That could mean more announcements, probably around E3 2019. But, for now, we have a few good classics on the way, which we’ll happily take.

In addition, Horii talked about the work that the team was doing with Virtua Racing, and basically how it was, at one point, destined to release on the 3DS as part of its previously released games on that platform. (Alas, it was canned, and switched over to Switch instead.) Additional content was also discussed, since “it’s a good thing we have the game’s source code,” indicating that we could be in for one of the best Sega Ages games yet. Let’s just hope they throw in some kind of multiplayer to keep fans happy.

While the other Sega Ages games haven’t been dated for Nintendo Switch just yet, they’re expected in the months ahead, with the hopes that we’ll get, at least, Phantasy Star and Space Harrier in time for Christmas, with other potential games like Alex Kidd In Miracle World and Gain Ground to follow. We’ll let you know once a schedule is finalized.


In the meantime, you can check out Thunder Force IV and Sonic the Hedgehog for Nintendo Switch now.

(Hat tip to Nintendo Everything for the scoop!)