Xbox Anaconda and Lockheart Rumored to Be Revealed at E3 2019 With 'Halo Infinite' As Launch Title

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about what's ahead for the next generation in gaming, including getting rid of the generational model all together. While previous reports and trademarks filed have revealed the next Xbox could very well offer several versions of the new system, we still don't know what these new consoles will have to offer nor when they are expected to be revealed. If the most recent report is true, we're looking at this year!

According to a recent report from the French website known as JeuxVideo, a source used quite frequently regarding next gen, it appears that Microsoft is ready to unveil what they have lined up for the new generation.

Reportedly, the two versions previously leaked - dubbed the Anaconda and the Lockhart - will both be revealed with the Lockhart being the cheaper of the two. Other rumors have stated that it will be discless as well, though Microsoft has yet to comment on that being definitive.

The same report also states that the console will be ready to launch in 2020 and that the highly anticipated Halo Infinite will be available on day one alongside Gears 5 and Ninja Theory's upcoming game.

As with all rumors, take the most recent report with a grain of salt until the company themselves make the official announcement. Still, the prospect of seeing it so soon is a bit exciting - especially given how much talk has been around the next generation as of late!


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