Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Reveal Date Teased

(Photo: Activision)

This year's Call of Duty is being handled by Infinity Ward, and it looks like it will be Modern Warfare 4, or at least that's what a mountain of rumors, leaks, and reports suggest. That said, we are more than halfway through May and the new installment in the popular series still hasn't been revealed. That said, according to a well-known industry insider that's going to change very soon.

As you may know, recently prominent Call of Duty YouTubers and streamers were invited to Los Angeles to presumably see the new installment. But then this week, an info dump about the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile game happened, suggesting that's what YouTubers and streamers were invited to see. However, according to Shinobi602, the press -- and presumably influencers -- are seeing the game this coming week, with a reveal coming in the "near future." If this is true, perhaps we will see the game during the last couple of days of May or the first week of June. There's been some suggesting Activision may wait until E3 to reveal the game, but this seems unlikely. For one, Activision has never done this. Two, if it were going to do that, it would be on Sony's stage, and seeming Sony won't be at the show, there's virtually no chance of the game being revealed at E3.

Previous reports and leaks have suggested the game will be revealed towards the end of May. In other words, the timeline Shinobi602 provides, seems to line up with this. That said, take this with a grain of salt, like any unofficial information. However, Activision did confirm we will see the game before the end of June, so, at the very least, this year's Call of Duty will be revealed pretty soon.


Meanwhile, in case you missed it, yesterday a report out of Kotaku surfaced claiming that next year's Call of Duty will be Black Ops 5 and not be from Sledgehammer games. You can read more about why, right here.

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