Xbox Scarlett Will Completely Support Xbox One Controllers and Peripherals

Xbox Scarlett will be backwards compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even the original Xbox. But the backwards compatibility doesn't end there. In addition to games, Project Scarlett will also support all existing Xbox One controllers and peripherals. The confirmation comes way of an official Xbox Wire post that also made note of your "Xbox career," and how that will also carry forward. In other words, your achievements and everything to your current profile on Xbox One will be brought with you when you make the jump to Xbox Scarlett.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, this is being done because Microsoft wants to respect the purchases you've made in its ecosystem rather than force you to start from scratch with each new console generation.

"As gaming goes from all physical to a combination physical and digital, I think us respecting the purchases people have made, at no charge, allowing them to be able to continue to play their games is very important," said Spencer at E3 this week.

Of course, backwards compatibility with games and your profile isn't very surprising, but to hear all controllers and peripherals will carry over is great news, and will surely go a long way with many Xbox gamers who have their favorite controllers, headsets, etc.

That said, Xbox is also looking ahead, and has big ambitions with Scarlett. More specifically, it wants to set a new bar for console gaming.


“It’s really about eliminating all those bottlenecks, so those game developers can really deliver on their visions, to try and enable developers to make the best possible versions of their games,” said Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra while speaking to Windows Central about developing Xbox Scarlett. “I will say that we’re very confident in what we’re building, something that will set a new bar for expectations of console gaming.”

Xbox Scarlett is poised to release sometime during holiday 2020 at an unknown price-point. For more news, media, and information on the upcoming console, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the next-gen system by clicking right here.