Dead by Daylight Nendoroid for the Trapper Revealed

Good Smile Company, the creators of the ultra-popular Nendoroid figures, has revealed the first collectible in its Dead by Daylight collection. It’s a Nendoroid figure of the Trapper, one of many Killers in the asymmetrical multiplayer game. The figure comes with the Trapper himself along with his signature mask, cleaver, and bear trap along with one of the game’s many hooks that constantly threaten Survivors.

The figure was revealed this week when Good Smile Company showed off a few product images of the Trapper in various poses including one that had his mask removed. The Trapper has several different outfits he can equip in the game, but the figure only has the one default look that has the Trapper wearing his sadistic, smiling mask. It’s being sold for 5,000 yen which equates to roughly $50 and is available to pre-order now.

In Dead by Daylight, the Trapper uses his cleaver to slice down enemies and sets bear traps to immobilize them. The meat hook that comes with the figure is one of the three optional parts the Trapper’s figure boasts that’ll allow you to hook other figures from it, though the Trapper is the only Dead by Daylight Nendoroid to pick from at the moment.

“From the popular multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight comes a Nendoroid of the Killer who wears an eerie smiling mask, The Trapper,” Good Smile Company said. “His mask can be removed, revealing his sharp stare underneath. He also comes with his bloodstained cleaver and a bear trap as optional parts. A Meat Hook is also included, allowing you to easily recreate scenes from the game. Other Nendoroids can be displayed on the Meat Hook, so enjoy using your own Nendoroid collection to make a customized display. Be sure to add The Trapper to your collection!”


There’s a chance that other Nendoroids will join the collection to let Dead by Daylight players add to their collection of merch – especially if there’s a hook now to hang them from – but it’s fitting that the company would start with the Trapper. This Killer was the first and only character on that side of the game’s twisted struggle that was playable when Dead by Daylight was in its beta stage. He’s the most recognizable Killer, though there are many more original creations who would make for promising figures.

Behaviour Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, also released its first cosplay guide for one of the Killers not long ago, so hopefully we keep seeing the universe expand outside of the game itself in these ways.