Fortnite Reveals New V-Bucks Pricing

Fortnite players who want to purchase V-Bucks to buy the next battle pass or pick up some new skins may see some different prices for their various V-Bucks packs now that Epic Games has changed some. Not every region has been affected, but 30 of them have with different prices now in place for products like the 1,000 V-Buck bundle and other purchases. This pricing update comes alongside the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 that’s now gone live as what’s essentially a massive reset of the game.

Epic Games shared a post on its site about the pricing update for Fortnite’s V-Bucks. The same post shared an explanation from Epic Games to say that the prices are being adjusted to be more consistent and fairer throughout the regions V-Bucks are sold.

“Previously, Fortnite pricing for products has had some level of variance across regions and platforms due to currency fluctuations over time and some inconsistencies in how prices were initially set,” Epic Games said in its post. “We are making some adjustments to certain products in a few specific countries and on some platforms in order to create fairer pricing across all regions.”

The chart showing the new V-Bucks values can be seen below to show the different prices for the bundles.

Fortnite V-Bucks
(Photo: Epic Games)

This pricing change to make things fairer for players in different regions comes at a convenient time as well seeing how Chapter 2 just now launched. Having a Fortnite Chapter 2 is quite the development on its own since that’s never happened before, but it also means that players get the standard releases that come with a new season. This means that there’s a battle pass that’s now available with its own unique skins included in it – skins that can be seen here – and there are also other skins and similar cosmetics that’ll be released throughout the season. You’ll be buying those seasonal skins with Epic’s V-Bucks, so if you’re in one of the affected regions, you’ll want to take note of the updated chart.


Epic added that it’ll continue updating its pricing as currency adjustments occur, so there’s a chance these values could be updated further in the future.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available across all platforms.