Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Most Popular Male and Female Characters Have Been Revealed

We can all agree that Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch is one of the best games of 2019. And a big part of what makes it so great is its huge cast of well-realized characters you can meet, befriend, and even marry. And as you would expect, everyone has their favorite characters, which leads to a lot of debate about who the best characters are in the game. Unfortunately, there will never be conclusive data that answers this question, but an extensive new survey does provide a decent idea on what characters are popular, at least in Japan.

Recently, Japanese magazine Famitsu asked its readers who their favorite characters are in the game, and the results are a bit surprising. The poll was divided into male and female, and produced the following results:


  1. Bernadetta (1,083)
  2. Lysithea (1,008)
  3. Hilda (988)
  4. Edelgard (916)
  5. Ingrid (767)
  6. Mercedes (721)
  7. Byleth (709)
  8. Shamir (675)
  9. Marianne (555)
  10. Annette (540)
  11. Sothis (440)
  12. Dorothea (418)
  13. Flayn (333)
  14. Petra (236)
  15. Leonie (231)
  16. Rhea (120)
  17. Manuela (97)
  18. Catherine (71)
  19. Kronya (29)
  20. Judith (10)


  1. Dimitri (1,335)
  2. Claude (1,249)
  3. Felix (1,160)
  4. Sylvain (913)
  5. Ferdinand (661)
  6. Byleth (572)
  7. Lorenz (566)
  8. Hubert (523)
  9. Ashe (458)
  10. Linhardt (398)
  11. Caspar (322)
  12. Raphael (315)
  13. Dedue (287)
  14. Seteth (280)
  15. Gatekeeper (195)
  16. Jeralt (180)
  17. Rodrigue (104)
  18. Cyril (90)
  19. Hanneman (74)
  20. Alois (69)

Of course, Dimitri being the favorite male character isn't very surprising given that he's a major character. And same applies to Claude at two. And Felix at three isn't very surprising either given all the fan art of him out on the Internet. What this list suggests is that the Blue Lions have -- by far -- the best male characters. Personally, I'm a bit surprised to see Hubert, Linhardt, and Lorenz so high as well. Also, there's not nearly enough love on here for Gatekeeper or Jeralt.

Meanwhile, the female results are a bit more surprising. Unlike her main character counter-parts, Edelgard didn't come out on top, and rather came in fourth, which is a bit surprising. That said, seeing Bern and Lysithea at one and two isn't very surprising, again, so much fan art. It's a bit surprising to see Hilda so high though. What's also interesting is to see just how different the taste of Japanese gamers are compared to gamers in the west. Petra and Dorothea are both very popular among the game's western audience, but it seems they don't have the same appeal in Japan.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available for the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks, BlackKite.

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