New Look at Apex Legends' Next Hero Reportedly Revealed

Season 4 of Apex Legends is expected to go live soon, and players of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game are wondering if Respawn and EA are going to add a new hero to accompany the new season. For now, it's unclear what the pairs' intentions are, however, what is increasingly clear is who the next character is, or at least it's clear what they will look like. Today, our best look at this character -- believed to be call Forge -- was revealed.

The reveal comes way of well-known dataminer Shrugtal, who found the image of the character in the game's PC files. And as you can see below, the character looks like a melee character with his handtape and massive augmented arm which looks good for punching through anything in his way. And topping of this look is a skunk-inspired hairstyle and what looks like a pro wrestling belt wrapped around his waist.

Now, while this character is essentially official, it's not been confirmed if they will be the game's next playable contestant. You'd assume this is the case, but until official confirmation comes way of Respawn, take all of this with a grain of salt. That said, hopefully Season 4 will bring more news on who this is and when we'll be able to play as them.


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In the most recent and related news, developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a new stream of the game will go down tomorrow and reveal our first look at Season 4, which will possibly add this new character. That said, it's currently unclear what we'll specifically see tomorrow. Meanwhile, some players are convinced aliens are about to invade the game.

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