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Capcom Pays a Visit To Microsoft In Japan, But What Does It Mean?

Robert Workman


Microsoft appears to be working on some sort of turnaround in the gaming industry. Not that 2017 was the worst year for the company, as it still made a good amount of money. But the lack of Xbox One exclusives certainly hurt it, and the Xbox One X, while performing admirably, wasn’t nearly enough to knock PlayStation 4 off of its perch.

But some interesting things have been happening, and this time, it’s with Capcom. The third-party company recently paid a cryptic visit to Microsoft in Japan, and posted some teaser images indicating that something is happening. What it is, we’re not sure yet, but it could lead up to an announcement of some kind at E3.

First up, there’s this image of the Resident Evil dummy finger – an item that’s been notoriously featured in Capcom social media – alongside a Master Chief Halo statuette. Obviously, we probably won’t see any kind of cross-over with the two, but it’s nice to see the dummy finger slip right into the action.

Next up, we have another image, this time what appears to be some kind of Forza racing vehicle outside of Turn 10 Studios, with the dummy finger sitting on a table right in front of it. Again, not a crossover tease, but just an interesting image posted by Capcom.

So, what does this mean? Well, for all we know, it could be nothing, but, then again, there have been rumors swirling about a remake for Resident Evil 2, one of the company’s most popular games, so they could be working out some kind of Xbox One timed exclusivity deals. Or, then again, it could just be a casual visit, since Capcom is a Japan-based company.

On the other hand, Sega, also in Japan, also paid a visit to Microsoft last month, and shortly following that trip, rumors began to circulate that the big “M” might be showing interest in a sequel to Vanquish, Platinum Games’ frenetic action game. We’ve heard nothing since, but that’s the idea – Microsoft may be piling up announcements for a big E3 reveal. Or, again, casual.

Getting both Capcom and Sega more on board for Xbox One projects would be a huge get, and possibly lead a turnaround in Microsoft’s misfortunes in that market. Xbox head Phil Spencer has been noting in the past that he’s been working more on getting better relations with overseas companies for Xbox support – hence why we may be seeing these visits.

We’ll see what comes out of these meetings soon enough. Maybe during E3?


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