Ryan Reynolds Waives His $278 Million Speaking Fee In AbleGamers Promotion

08/06/2020 07:10 pm EDT

In an act of selfless charity, Deadpool and Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds waived his astronomical $278 million fee in order to speak on behalf of AbleGamers.org in a new video shared by the charity. AbleGamers is a nonprofit organization that helps disabled gamers find custom gaming setups that can help them participate in a hobby that improves quality of life and helps combat isolation. In the video, Reynolds stars alongside COO Steven Spohn as the two discuss the history of the charity, and its current need for more equipment and funding. The video can be found in the Tweet below.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds' speaking fee is likely much less than $278 million! Regardless, the actor's part in the video should draw a significant amount of attention to the charity. AbleGamers.org has been helping gamers with disabilities since 2004, creating custom setups for gamers around the world. Some of these setups include modified gaming controllers, and even technology that allows players to interact with games using only their eyes. Over the years, the charity has won numerous awards, including the American Association of People with Disabilities Hearne Leadership Award in 2012.

According to Spohn, there are 46 million potential gamers with disabilities in America, and six million in Canada. In addition to donations, the charity is also looking for volunteers that can help with the group's mission.

Custom setups for disabled gamers have been widely used throughout the history of the video game industry. Earlier this year, a father made headlines when he created a custom controller that allowed his daughter to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, prompting both Microsoft and Logitech to offer their assistance in creating an improved design.

Those looking to donate to AbleGamers.org can find out more information about the charity right here. The site also includes testimonials, where potential donors can see the positive impact the charity has already had on its recipients.

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