Abandoned Developer Blue Box Game Studios Responds to Ongoing Death Threats

Blue Box Game Studios, which is the developer behind the mysterious PlayStation 5 horror game Abandoned, has revealed that it has been the target of numerous death threats in recent months. The source of these threats seems to stem primarily from numerous theories surrounding Abandoned that have claimed that the game could be associated with Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, or could even be a secret project by famed developer Hideo Kojima. And while Blue Box has continually stressed that none of these things are true, it seems that the confusion around the game has led to these threats. 

The developers behind Blue Box Game Studios took to social media recently to address these continuing threats head-on. In doing so, the studio made clear that the amount of hate that it has been receiving has been greatly affecting those that work on Abandoned. "We have been dealing with death threats for the past few months and the last few days we have been dealing with it again. Especially physically," the studio said. "This not only affects us as a team, but everyone within our environments. Other businesses, families, and everyone surrounding us."

The statement went on to say that Blue Box is essentially done putting up with the threats that have come their way and they will no longer be putting up with it. To ensure that its employees can work in a safe environment, Blue Box said that it will be providing any "IP addresses, logs and camera footages" to authorities in the future if it needs to do so. 

Speaking more directly to everything involving Abandoned, Blue Box made clear that it knows some fans are frustrated and confused about the project, but that confusion shouldn't result in these threats. "We are fully aware of the negative situation we have created and we truly understand is your frustration. But what we don't understand are the death threats," the studio said. "We understand and appreciate your interest in Abandoned, we are working hard on Abandoned. [...] But all we ask until then, is just give us space and let us work on Abandoned." 

For now, Abandoned still doesn't have a launch date of any sort, but it's poised to come to PlayStation 5 at some point in 2022.