Hideo Kojima Fans Discover Strange New Connection With PS5 Game Abandoned

The upcoming PlayStation 5 horror title Abandoned, which is being developed by Blue Box Game [...]

The upcoming PlayStation 5 horror title Abandoned, which is being developed by Blue Box Game Studios, has been one of the most talked-about games of the summer. Much of this talk has centered around a litany of strange coincidences that have appeared in relation to the project and famed developer Hideo Kojima. And while Blue Box has made clear on multiple occasions that Kojima isn't involved with Abandoned in any capacity, some fans have still been trying to connect the dots. Now, a strange new connection has been discovered which has many putting on their tin foil hats all over again.

Found by one user over on Reddit, the rabbit hole involving Abandoned and Hideo Kojima has found a way to go even deeper than before. Essentially, this latest connection between the two incorporates the social media profile of Hasan Kahraman, who is the founder of Blue Box Game Studios. Kahraman seems to have a header image on his Twitter profile to a picture of a small island sitting in a body of water. While this clearly might not seem like much of a tease in any capacity, the way in which it ties back to Kojima is pretty bizarre.

Basically, if you take the term "small island" and translate it to Japanese via Google, in turn, you'll be given the term "小島". If you then take this translation and plug it back in and translate it to English, you're then given the word "Kojima". It sounds odd to be certain, but it's something you can try for yourself right now if you want to verify it.

So what does this all mean? Is it proof that Kojima is indeed associated with Abandoned? Well, surely not. Again, there are some downright strange correlations that have popped up between Kojima and Abandoned, but they're likely nothing more than just that--coincidences. While it's fun to see these lines drawn between Blue Box and Kojima, at the end of the day, Abandoned is likely not going to be anything more than a horror game from a relatively unknown indie studio. Keep your expectations properly in check.

When it comes to actually seeing Abandoned, that's something we're still waiting for. Blue Box is currently planning to push live pre-loading for its PS5 application next week on July 29, with the full app becoming usable on August 10. The game's first trailer will then also be arriving later next month. Whenever we do learn more about the title, we'll be sure to let you know here on ComicBook.com.