Abandoned PS5 App and Trailer Release Details Revealed

Blue Box Game Studios, which is the developer behind the mysterious PlayStation 5 horror game [...]

Blue Box Game Studios, which is the developer behind the mysterious PlayStation 5 horror game Abandoned, has revealed new details about its release strategy for its highly-anticipated application and trailer. While the trailer and app were originally supposed to have been released by this point, Blue Box announced a last-minute delay only a few weeks ago with the intention of releasing both at some point in August. Now, we know which dates need to be circled on the calendar this time around.

In a recent tweet, Blue Box Game Studios informed fans that it's set to release its Abandoned PS5 trailer application next month on August 10. Pre-loading for this app will go live near the end of the month on July 29, however, meaning that those interested in the game can download it to their own PS5 a few weeks in advance. This app is supposed to give fans a real-time look at how Abandoned will look when running on the next-gen console. As for the release of the secondary trailer, Blue Box has still only committed to an August release window.

Even though excitement has died down in recent weeks, Abandoned has drawn quite a bit of attention this summer after many fans began theorizing that the game could somehow be involved with Konami's Silent Hill franchise. Former Konami developer Hideo Kojima was also thought to be developing the game based on outlandish rumors that started to emerge. Blue Box itself has vehemently denied all of these rumors, but many prospective players still can't help but feel as though something is off about this game. After all, releasing a dedicated PS5 trailer app is a bit bizarre, especially for an indie project from a studio that no one is that familiar with.

Still, the mystery around Abandoned seems like it won't be lasting much longer now that we know when this app is actually set to arrive. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on this project and its development here at ComicBook.com as we move forward.