Among Us on Nintendo Switch Comes with a Big Catch

Today, Nintendo and Inner Sloth surprised Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users by [...]

Today, Nintendo and Inner Sloth surprised Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users by releasing Among Us on the pair of hybrid consoles. Before today, Among Us was only playable on PC and mobile phones, but now it's available on console for the first time. That said, if you want to play it on console, not only will you need to own a Switch or Switch Lite, but you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Like it is on Steam, Among Us is $5 on the Nintendo eShop, but to play it on Switch and Switch Lite, you will need to fork over $20 for a yearly subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Thankfully, Among Us supports cross-play, which means players on Switch and Switch Lite will be able to play the game with PC and mobile players, but they will be paying extra to play the game, as there's no such requirement on PC or mobile.

If you're already subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, this isn't a very big deal. However, if you're not a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you will essentially need to pay $25 to play Among Us on Switch and Switch Lite, which is a bit absurd.

Nintendo does make exceptions for some online games, so it's unclear why an exception wasn't made here. Of course, this is great for Nintendo Switch Online engagement, but given that it's already available on the two most accessible platforms for less money might spell trouble for the Switch version of the game, which may end up having a hard time selling at the same rate. And of course, it's also likely going to be a nightmare for customer support when players realize they need Nintendo Switch Online after the purchase is made.

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