Among Us Goes on Sale for Epic Games Store Launch

Among Us made waves this week by coming to not only Xbox Game Pass on PC but also to the Nintendo [...]

Among Us made waves this week by coming to not only Xbox Game Pass on PC but also to the Nintendo Switch in a surprise launch that made it available on a console for the first time. For those still playing it on the PC, you now have a new place to purchase it from as well now that it's come to the Epic Games Store. Epic Games announced the addition of Among Us on Friday following a leak from the day before that indicated the game would soon be available there.

You can find Among Us here in the Epic Games Store just like you would for any other game listed in the digital storefront. It's available for purchase there in various versions depending on how much add-on content you want with the game, but it also just so happens that the game's base version is on sale, too. Instead of the $4.99 asking price it usually goes for on Steam and now on the Nintendo Switch, it's listed at $3.99.

That's not much of a discount, but it's also not much of a cost to begin with, so if you haven't yet tried Among Us, you can pick it up for even cheaper than you usually can. The sale will continue until January 7th which means you've got time to think about parting with $4, but given how much Among Us has been talked about lately, you probably already know if you'd be into the game or not by now.

Along with coming to the Xbox Game Pass on PC, the Nintendo Switch, and now the Epic Games Store, Among Us will also find a new home next year on Xbox consoles. Microsoft and InnerSloth announced this week that the party game would be available on the Xbox One as well as the newer Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S some time in 2021, though a more precise timeframe for the release was not given. All that's left now is the PlayStation version of Among Us for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, though nothing about that potential version of the game has been confirmed at this time.