Animal Crossing: New Horizons My Nintendo Reward Is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Resident Birthdays

The My Nintendo rewards program has revealed a very cool new option for fans of Animal Crossing: [...]

The My Nintendo rewards program has revealed a very cool new option for fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For a mere 80 Platinum Points, fans can purchase a printable Birthday Calendar, which features the birthdays of every single resident in the game! It's a neat little reward, and fans that like to celebrate the special days of their in-game residents will appreciate having a master list for all of them. Heck, it might even help Nintendo keep better track, since the company neglected to celebrate Isabelle's birthday last year. Hopefully the calendar will help them plan ahead for this year!

An image of the calendar can be found below.

Animal Crossing Birthday Celndar
(Photo: Nintendo)

My Nintendo has offered a number of Animal Crossing rewards over the last few months, but some of the most compelling items quickly sell out. Since the Birthday Calendar is a printable option, fans won't have to worry about that! My Nintendo's printable rewards tend to attract less attention than their physical options, but it seems like a safe bet that a lot of players wouldn't mind having this one. It could prove beneficial for a lot of players!

Since the first game in the series, Animal Crossing fans have often grown attached to the residents that live in their towns. Some fans go out of their way to make sure certain residents move into their towns, while other players will go above and beyond to make sure that less desirable characters quickly move out. With nearly 400 residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's almost impossible for every island to have the same inhabitants, and it makes each island feel special.

Whether the calendar helps players keep track of the in-game birthdays they really want to celebrate, or those they'd prefer to avoid, Nintendo's new Animal Crossing Birthday Calendar seems like the perfect reward for dedicated players. While fans won't have to worry about stock shortages, they still might want to snag it sooner rather than later, so they don't end up forgetting their favorite resident's birthday!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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