Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's Animal Pals

Since it's recent release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has reached a diverse audience that [...]

(Photo: Nintendo)

Since it's recent release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has reached a diverse audience that includes everyone from your average Animal Crossing devotee to a few surprising celebrity players. The addicting new mobile title allows players to customize and build a camp site out in the wilderness, making friends with other campers along the way. These campers happen to feature familiar faces from other Animal Crossing titles like Cherry, Tex, and Kid Cat. When it comes to these campers, though, certain hefty demands need to be met before they grace your campsite -- and for some, that's where things get messy.

After actress and model Chrissy Teigen started the game, she took to Twitter to voice her disappointment in the mobile title as a long-time Animal Crossing devotee. Teigen said the game "lacks the heart" of its predecessors and identified herself as a Tom Nook devotee.

She went on call out the sometimes expensive and time-consuming requests of the animal friends available in the game. In order to get these animals to come to their campsite, players must first build chairs, tables, and other camp site additions for that animal.

Teigen went on to say she planned on deleting the game, but before that, she did admit to exactly how much she'd dropped on Leaf Tickets, one of the in-game currencies.

All of this follows something of an exciting week for Teigen, who left her Nintendo Switch behind during a trip to Springfield earlier this week before having it returned to her yesterday. While she might not be hopping back into her camp site anytime soon, other players have come up with more creative ways to punish their animal campers for requesting bookshelves that cost over 9,000 leaf tickets.

A well-deserved time out. Who do they think they are, anyway?!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is out now for iOS and Android.