Leaked Apex Legends Solos Game Mode Sounds Too Good to Be True

The latest Apex Legends leak suggests a new solo-only game mode is on the way in Season 17, but people are skeptical that it's actually going to happen. According to this leak, there's supposedly a chaotic free-for-all mode arriving next season where things are randomized to the point that it's practically not even Apex Legends any more. Some skeptics have questions for a number of valid reasons, but that hasn't stopped people from being hopeful that the leaked mode will actually come to fruition and will be added to the game next season.

The "leaked" mode in question is called "Rumble," and it's supposedly going to be "a new game mode that will challenge you to adapt and survive in the most chaotic and random situations possible." It challenges players by making it so that Legends can't use their abilities any longer. Instead, players are meant to find pickups around the map that take inspiration from existing Legends' abilities. Some of the examples shared by leaker Osvaldatore included "Stim" which temporarily boosts health regen and movement speed at the cost of vision and increased damage taken as well as one wild one called "Swap" which swaps the positions and loadouts of you and a random enemy.

Loadouts are another part of the Rumble mode, according to the leak. Instead of choosing your weapons or finding ground loot, you spawn in with a random loadout and can only pick up gear from defeated enemies. Modifiers for gunplay like explosive bullets, "smart" bullets that lock onto enemies, and bullets that bounce off walls are also said to be included in this mode.

All this comes from what's supposed to be a leaked blog post advertising the Season 17 mode, but it all honestly sounds a bit too unbelievable to take stock in right now. For one, it's got so much going on with it in terms of new features that it's difficult to imagine what's essentially an entirely new Apex experience to be crafted just for it to be a rotating game mode that sticks around for a short while. Respawn Entertainment has also previously taken a stance against adding a solos mode to the game, so adding one like this while layering it with so many different unpredictable and potentially frustrating elements doesn't add up either.

Aside from that, things like ricocheting bullets sound a bit too unbelievable, and parts of the blog post are written in a manner that doesn't reflect the coherence we usually get from Apex posts. It'd be unusual for one for Season 17 to be drafted this early, too, considering how Season 16 just got started not long ago.

Respawn naturally has not said anything yet about plans for a new Apex game mode be it Rumble or something else.