Apex Legends Mobile Is Shutting Down

Electronic Arts is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile less than a year since its full launch, the publisher announced this week. The game originally launched on May 17, 2022, after playtests and betas gave Apex Legends players their first hands-on experiences with the mobile version of the game. Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to be shutdown by May 1st and will no longer be playable then with real-money purchases already disabled today alongside this announcement.

EA's announcement coincided with its latest earnings report and was accompanied by an FAQ addressing all the questions players might have about the end of the game. Respawn Entertainment said it reached a mutual agreement with LightSpeed Studios, the developer of the mobile Apex game, to sunset development after acknowledging that it wasn't meeting the standard the companies hoped to achieve.

"At Respawn, we aim to provide players with games that are consistently outstanding," the announcement said. "Following a strong start, the content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile has begun to fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence. It is for this reason, after months of working with our development partner, that we have made the mutual decision to sunset our mobile game.  Although disappointing, we are proud of the game we launched, are grateful for the support of the Apex Legends community, and are confident that this is the right decision for players."

Purchases made via real money have now been disabled, but you can still spend the in-game currency you have until the game shuts down in May. If you spent any money recently or at all in Apex Legends Mobile and are looking for a refund now, you're out of luck – the creators said they will not be providing refunds for the game and told players to talk to Apple and Google regarding any further refund requests.

The game's been completely separate from Apex Legends proper since its release aside from starting off with base Legends found in the original Apex and has since branched out to get its own mobile-only content. No plans to integrate that content into anything related to the console and PC versions of Apex was announced.